Hey there!! Chances are that you found your way here right from my YouTube page (thank you) and if not, well welcome here!

Like I mentioned in the video, my love for being in library spaces began in primary school and not a lot of people can say they had/knew of good libraries around them at that age. Enjoying myself in a space like that, created an awareness of a lot of possibilities.

I learned how certain skills you learn by doing and experiencing and how you get inspiration to create things from things around you as well as things you find in books.

By also having the chance to visit outside Nigeria, I got to realize the importance of sharing knowledge (recording, publishing or teaching) to equip others that would be in positions to equip the future generations of our country. The first time I realized I had access to books/journals in and outside my school’s library, I jumped for joy!

Why do we need a project like this?

It’s okay to want the government to handle everything but sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, and maybe later hand it over to the government.

I hope that this project gets scaled up into a central library for a local township and people get inspired to do something similar in their own chosen locations.

Nature of project: A reading center for children, with book donations.

Age group for book donations: For this project I would like to focus on primary schoolers, children between the ages of 3 and 13, those that would learn to imbibe the reading and doing culture early. Thus, books that are age-appropriate will be very much appreciated.

Category of books: Coloring books, activity books, games/toys, audio-visual books(my Mom used to have French classes for myself and a few other classmates on the weekends and she utilized videos for us to learn, my french isn’t perfect but the knowledge from those classes stayed with me), story books, books that promote creativity, arts and crafts/DIY, assembling books, home economics, health and wellness, classic books, financial literacy, hair care/cosmetology, etiquettes/social welfare/ethics, time management, first aid books, spirituality book. (will edit if more info comes to me)

Goal: 3000 books/educative material (will update if this number does not match the timeline)

Financial contribution: Currently working on a budget for maintaining the facility for a year then 2-3 years. Will update this once it’s done

Awareness: I’m not a digital design person so I would need the services of someone to help with digital design for further awareness of the project. for creating awareness

Location of the library: Now this is a tough one, I am currently located in Abuja but my heart says I should stick with doing it where I was raised which is Ile-Ife. What I know for sure is the centre for the books will be at an existing space in one of these places, that school children will have access to. But collections will be done across the country and also in the UK/US. Please comment with the location you’ll like to donate a book and I’ll be sure to find a collector near you.

Volunteers: Following donations by awesome people, volunteers will be the backbone of this project. For creating awareness, helping to imbibe the reading culture, library maintenance, front desk services; this project would need secondary school volunteers of all ages, round the clock, as well as a librarian! I am also thinking of ways to get young children to learn a few things from the project.

Transparency: Will update this blog and probably my social media on milestones and how funds are spent and books distributed.

Timeline: For now, collection starts immediately this is posted and should stop January 15 2019 and distribution to the center will be on Jan 30 2019 by God’s grace.

Soooo, it’s out there now. * phew *

Please don’t forget to leave your comments on your experiences with book drives/donations and answers to some of the questions in the body above.

You could either comment here or reach out to me via email: ceedayds@gmail.com


Update November 28th:

A lot has come up and Susty Vibes is running a book drive in Abuja! Here’s a link for your donations, you can keep track of progress on Susty Vibes social media pages.

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