This year, I experienced more rejection than I was used to and I’m starting to feel my skin thicken.

It did take a while for me to realise that most of the time it really wasn’t about me.

At first I would wallow in the hurt and feel like there was something wrong with me. But with time I’ve come to understand it isn’t always about me.

It could have been my approach to the request (restrategise, cos this isn’t working), it could have been the wrong time (note taken, the universe will let things work out when its time, 1 week/year/decade from now), it could be that the person is going through something at that time (this we can’t control) or they just don’t really need you (find people that do, and honestly it’s an amazing feeling when you’re wholly valued)

I’ve also learnt that it’s how I react to and recover from rejection that’s important. There’s just something about rejection that drives you to go harder. I think I’d been living life routinely, in my comfort zone and this was God’s way of waking me tf up!! (I woke up in beast mode!!)

I know I’m not done growing but I’m grateful for lessons & I know that everything happens for a reason.

*Note: This had been sitting in my notes since December 17 2017. I had posted it on Twitter but just wanted to reshare here and also declutter my notes


I would write about you I said

Everything moved so fast, like the world was going to end in a minute

I threw caution in the wind, because that was my resolution for the year

“Be open. Love & trust.” I should have added “with sense”

When it came to love and lust, there were no what ifs, no time wasting or fronting this year

Someone looking from the outside in would already have known this was going to

either fizzle

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There was a pattern

That I only got to see when the last one got away

I am an expert at concealing feelings, hiding, being oblivious

Probably a defense mechanism: to protect myself physically

To ensure this vessel survives


But this vessel had reached its limit

The limit which created a chance for a heart-opening

Soul baring, Read more


I used to be one of those people that never understood why people committed suicide.

As I’ve learnt about some things in life, you really can’t understand unless you’re in that situation OR if you’ve gotten divine understanding of these things.

It’s easy to speculate or look at the facts etc but it’s not the same as going through it.

Sometime I went through a mild depression in my life where I felt useless sometimes and questioned things in my life. Read more

CeeDay’s BookDrive

Hey there!! Chances are that you found your way here right from my YouTube page (thank you) and if not, well welcome here!

Like I mentioned in the video, my love for being in library spaces began in primary school and not a lot of people can say they had/knew of good libraries around them at that age. Enjoying myself in a space like that, created an awareness of a lot of possibilities.

I learned how certain skills you learn by doing and experiencing and how you get inspiration to create things from things around you as well as things you find in books.

By also having the chance to visit outside Nigeria, Read more

In my Carry-On/Purse

I’m off to Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes, today! From what I’ve gathered, the weather in Minnesota during the winter is no joke. Not as “mild” as what we get in Chicago. *shivers* I can not imagine what that must be like.

Anyway its summer now and the weather forecasts show it will be in the 80+ range this weekend, so it’s the perfect weekend to take this trip! Yay! Lighter clothes for me. I just wanted to do a post with regards to basic items  I carry on my trip. Which I think works for short and long travels.

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T-B Hand lotion, lip balm, perfume L-R Moisturizing cream, facial cleanser, hand sanitizer, deodorant

I remember reading one of beauty blogger, Read more